#HYHRD: Show me the money! Ex-dividend and dividend pay dates as of w/e 4/11 $STUDY

These are the upcoming expected dividend pay dates and amount(s) expected from each stock.

These amounts are a compilation from all of our accounts, so some is taxable, some is tax-deferred, and some is tax-free. If you check out my Expected dividend spreadsheets you can see how it all breaks down, or you could just read my posts and look at the screenshots (ooooh, pretty pictures!).

Speaking of pretty pictures, here’s the most recent and pertinent dates spreadsheet (from my Expected Dividends workbook);


UPDATE: 1/22/15 – PGH announced their dividend amount payable in March will be reduced from C$0.04 to C$0.02 per share, a 50% decrease.

UPDATE: 3/18/15 – LOAN announced their previously declared dividend amount payable in April will be increased from $0.07 to $0.08 per share, inline with the previous quarter which was also increased by the same amount.

UPDATE: 3/26/15 – WMC announced their dividend amount payable in April will be reduced from $0.70 to $0.67 per share, a 4.3% decrease.

These are the upcoming scheduled ex-dividend dates and amounts that allow me to project more dividend income;

  • April
    • 1st – WMC $0.67 (already projected)
    • 8th – LOAN $0.08 (already projected)
    • 9th – MORL $0.8858 (already projected)
    • 13th – CNSL $0.38738 (already projected)
    • 20th – PGH C$0.02
    • 23rd – ORC $0.18

Amounts shown above are dividends per share.

And, these are the dividends I’m looking forward to receiving (so far);

  • April
    • 10th – AGNC $78.10 (already paid)
    • 15th – CYS $1,009.20 LOAN $224.00 PGH C$12.99
    • 21st – MORL $344.48
    • 27th – NYMT $1,870.02
    • 28th – WMC $201.00
    • 30th – AI $1,170.75 ORC $
  • May
    • 1st – CNSL $146.97
    • 15th – PGH C$

Amounts shown above are total projected expected dividends, and are believed accurate. I expect a total of $4,910.54 in April, and a total of $146.97 in May, so far.

These are the total amounts for each account this month as predicted by the TDM program on the 1st of the month;

  • Computershare $12.99
  • ind-PandA $518.75
  • IRA-A $2,155.08
  • IRA-P $2,043.17
  • Roth-A $907.08
  • Roth-P $394.96

The above amounts are subject to change due to sales/acquisitions of shares during the month.

I ended 2014 with $26,910.38 for the year, which is higher than the 2013 total of $25,265.76 by $1,644.62, and quite a bit higher than my first year total of $14,146.33 for 2012, which is when I first transitioned to dividend investing for income.

Dividend paying stocks that I hold pay either quarterly or monthly dividends (I hold no annual or semi-annual paying dividend stocks). What this means is that while some stocks provide a steady monthly income for each of the 12 months in a year, some only pay 4 times each year. This should result in roughly 2 months of ‘slightly lower’ dividend payments, followed by one month of ‘substantially higher’ dividend payments, repeated four times each year. That’s in theory, only.

In reality; AGNC, MORL, ORC, and PGH pay every month. AI, CYS (mostly), LOAN, and NYMT pay in January, April, July, and October. BGCP, CYS (only December), NRF (only March), and VGR pay in March, June, September, and December. CNSL, DRAD, and NRF (mostly) pay in February, May, August, and November. Data is based on TTM dividend payment dates, and will probably change in the future (AGNC recently changed from paying a quarterly dividend to paying a monthly dividend). Confusing? You betcha! But, that’s what makes it fun, right?

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