#HYHRD: Charts for w/e 4/18 $BGCP $APTS $DBJP $IHE $RETL $VDC $STUDY

Looking at Charts is now updated by Sunday morning, at the latest.

Looking at the daily and weekly charts this week, these stocks look like they are in nice uptrends;

From current holdings;


weekly-bgcp, drad, loan, nrf, vgr

From watch list;


weekly-ab, apts, bx, cim, newt, stwd

From ETF/ETN watch list;

daily-dbjp, dxjs, ihe, pgf, pgx, psk, retl, vdc

weekly-dbjp, dvyl, hedj, ihe, iyc, iyt, retl, rez, rwo, vdc, xlp

As you can see, these lists are now in a state of flux, which is a reflection of current market conditions. It has been a wild ride for the past couple of months so far for the markets, but my dividends are still coming in. 😉

There are some bright spots in which some other stocks appear to be making an attempt to have ‘nice uptrends’, and some have even started to materialize.

For an investment to be in what I consider a ‘nice uptrend’, it has to have the same high in all 4 major periods (daily=1yr, 9mo, 6mo, 3mo and weekly=3yr, 2yr, 1yr, 6 mo). It also must be making higher lows in each subsequent period. Investments that are too new to show all of this criteria are automatically excluded, as well as any investment making the same low in two or more of the 4 periods and any investment that makes a lower low in any subsequent period.

Daily charts are what I would consider good for determining short-term trends.

Weekly charts are what I would consider good for determining longer-term trends.

I like stocks paying ‘qualified’ dividends for our joint (taxable) account.

I like ORC in our tax-advantaged accounts for the monthly dividends, which are quite high.

I like NYMT & WMC in our tax-advantaged accounts for the quarterly dividends, which are quite high.

I like MORL but only for our Roth IRAs because the monthly dividends are quite high but taxed as regular income, so it’s only good for the Roth IRAs where it’s tax status matters not a whit. This is a new ETN from UBS, and I would suggest reading up on it on the Seekingalpha website. Some good articles there (and some not so good). Read and learn.

Based solely on this look at the daily & weekly charts, it is clear to see that more stocks are now trending downward, so there are a few new opportunities from the watchlist stocks. The current holdings are down quite a bit, and the list of ‘good-looking’ charts is dwindling. It may be a good time to catch some ‘bargain’ prices on my current holdings, or build up cash reserves (‘dry powder’) for later deployment into other opportunities. There may be many other opportunities ahead, and I am watching and waiting.

For growth, one dividend stock from the current holdings stands out as appearing on both daily and weekly charts; BGCP. APTS stands out from the watch list. Four entries from the ETF/ETN watch list stand out; DBJP, IHE, RETL, & VDC. I might be tempted to buy one or more of the above on any dips.

BGCP is a global brokerage company and pays a qualified dividend.

APTS is a residential REIT, and operates in three segments, including multifamily communities, financing and retail.

DBJP, IHE, RETL, & VDC look like buy on a dip opportunities in our tax-advantaged accounts from the ETF/ETN watch list. DBJP seeks investment results that correspond generally to the performance, before fees and expenses, of the MSCI Japan US Dollar Hedged Index. IHE would give me exposure to US Pharmaceuticals, and is fairly steady in price action. RETL would give me exposure to the retail sector. VDC seeks to track the investment performance of the MSCI US Investable Market Consumer Staples 25/50 Index.

As ‘Johnny 5’ would say; “Need input!”

Stay profitable, my friends.

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