Checking my previous posts for symbols to add to my shopping list; #HYHRD: spreadsheets… and #HYHRD: Charts… yields this info;

From the #HYHRD watchlist;

Based solely on the scoring procedure used on this Screening Spreadsheet, I might look into buying; $NRZ, $WU, $LEG, $ANCX, $APTS, $AOS, $VLGEA, $HAS, $NWL, and $BANC and may initiate a position at some point in the future. In so doing I would most assuredly affect my overall dividend yield, but the annualized total return may be worth that compromise. They must also look good on the charts.

Now, the above are the top scoring stocks based on return and yield from each watch list. That alone doesn’t actually qualify them for acquisition.

I then take a look at the results from the charts;

For growth, two dividend stocks from the current holdings stands out as appearing on both daily and weekly charts; BGCP & LOAN. ANCX, CNMD, LEG, & NWL stand out from the watch list. I might be tempted to buy one or more of the above on any dips.

ALL of the below pay quarterly qualified dividends.

BGCP is a global brokerage Company servicing the financial and real estate markets.

LOAN is a ‘Hard Money’ lender in New York.

ANCX is a bank holding company.

CNMD is a medical technology company.

LEG is a manufacturer that conceives designs and produces a range of engineered components and products found in homes, offices, retail stores, automobiles and commercial aircraft.

NWL is a marketer of consumer and commercial products/solutions.

Then, I apply this method;

  1. 1st look at actual yield (of current holdings) – select top 3 – wmc, orc, nymt
  2. then look at equal weight (of current holdings) – select top 3 – wmc, loan, o
  3. then look at score (of current holdings) – select top 3 – loan, wmc, bgcp
  4. then look at chart results – select growth results – bgcp, loan, ancx, cnmd, leg, nwl
  5. if any congruence with chart results, then select (maybe if on a dip) – bgcp, loan
  6. then look at current holdings and select symbols with gains – loan, wmc
  7. else may be time to initiate new positions (if on a dip) – ancx, cnmd, leg, nwl
  8. else, use best judgement – (from the top)
    1. 1. – I already have quite enough nymt & orc by a long shot (according to equal weight). I will buy more wmc.
    2. 2. – I will buy more wmc, loan, & o on any dips.
    3. 3. – loan, wmc, & bgcp are confirmed.
    4. 4. – bgcp & loan are confirmed. ancx, cnmd, leg, & nwl are possible acquisitions, but they need further DD.
    5. 5. – bgcp & loan are confirmed.
    6. 6. – confirmation for loan, wmc

These are not ‘hard and fast’ rules, but they’re a start. I’ll use them to guide me, but I may veer off in any direction at any time, such are the vagaries of my mindset (I’ll bet you knew that already, Cupcake!).

P.S. One more thing; I just started posting about Point & Figure charts for stocks already owned or under consideration, but they change daily, after the market close. I consult those posts (because they’re usually some of the last that are posted each week!) for additional info when shopping for stocks. I also started posting about a ‘top ten’ comparison, which might also be a good place to start looking for new additions. Just a thought…

Live long, and prosper!

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