#HYHRD: Expected dividends-current holdings-actual yield as of 1/2 $CNMD $AGNC

This is the regular posting of the review of “Expected dividends, current portfolio holdings, (and) actual yield” of the #HYHRD portfolio.

The title reflects expected dividends for next week.

The spreadsheet for each individual account, along with the monthly balances and yearly dividends are now found in the tradelogs workbook. However, only the tradelogs page with all the aggregate information is posted, the individual account pages, etc., are not posted (to save time and space).

This post will examine all those spreadsheets not previously covered for all positions held in the accounts (i.e.; positions not held will not appear on the spreadsheets).

Google Drive has the most recent workbooks accessible, in my public files area.

This MS Excel workbook now shows not only the Expected Dividends from the currently held positions across the HYHRD portfolio ($25,510.05/year), but now I have also added in the Equal Weight spreadsheet that shows the dollar amounts invested in each stock totaling ($236,963.81). This also enables me to calculate the ACTUAL YIELD for the portfolio holdings, and adds another spreadsheet called, amazingly enough, Actual Yield! From this sheet, I can further determine the most ‘bang for the buck’ by calculating the dividend expected per dollar invested! Um, please don’t put too much faith on that and base your investment on it, as I just wanted to calculate how much each stock would potentially earn (This portfolio should be expected to return about 10.765379% in dividends alone, according to the calculations that were just done). This does NOT consider capital gain/loss, like the new ‘scoring’ procedure does. I now use this new ‘scoring’ procedure along with all of the other indicators and sometimes my ‘gut feeling’ as to what and how to invest. Do your homework and do your own due diligence! YMMV!

The large variations in dividend income each month is due to the ‘small month, small month, big month’ dividend cycle, when some quarterly paying dividend stocks do not pay a dividend until 1 or 2 months later. At that time, we will witness the ‘big month’ dividend cycle (usually January, April, July, October). The recent portfolio reset is also a factor.

Mr. Market may have different ideas than you or I, so it’s always a good idea to at least have a look each day. I don’t like buying when the market is going down, but I don’t mind buying so much when the market is going up.

I have recently combined several spreadsheets to make them easier for me to get the info I need. The combined spreadsheets are the HYHRD screening spreadsheet, the Corepicks spreadsheet, and Investment amount spreadsheet. They are all now found in the Expected Dividends workbook. The spreadsheets will show $ Rank, Yield Rank, Score Rank, Avg., and Overall Rank which should help me tremendously in deciding where to invest our money! Previously, investing decisions were harder to make because I had to look at many different spreadsheets and pick the best choice(s) from each sheet and then take an (un?)educated guess as to where I should invest. All the spreadsheets are still there, but the Equal Weight spreadsheet will pull all the data together and show it all side by side.

While we’re on the subject of dividends;

Qualified dividends are a type of dividend to which capital gains tax rates are applied. These tax rates are usually lower than regular income tax rates. To this end, I will aim to hold mostly qualified dividend paying stocks in our joint (taxable) brokerage account. Here are the tax brackets for 2014;


Here are the tax brackets for 2015;


I have decided that all stocks held @ Capital One Investing (sharebuilder) will be DRIPped, at least temporarily. Stocks paying more than $500.00/year and held at Fidelity will not be DRIPped, at least temporarily. Part (or ALL) of any available cash in our accounts will be withdrawn each month on an ‘as needed’ basis. The available withdrawal amounts are shown on the Expected Dividends Part 4 spreadsheet.

Here are the static images as of this writing;

Expected Dividends part 1


Expected Dividends part 1a (showing IRA withdrawal amounts YTD, only changes after withdrawals from our IRAs)


Expected Dividends part 2


Expected Dividends part 3


Expected Dividends part 4 (showing calculated and actual withdrawal amounts from each account, subject to a $10 minimum)


Equal Weight (showing ‘overweight positions’ in each account)


Actual Yield


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