I Prefer The Preferreds; I Bought $ARI $ARR $CLNY $CMRE $OAKS $RSO $TOO Thanks To “Rancho Preferida”

I’ve been following some discussion on SA about Preferred Stocks and the Art & Science of Investing in them.

I recently bought preferred shares of ARI, ARR, CLNY, CMRE, OAKS, RSO, & TOO on the coattails of “Rancho Preferida” (an as yet still un-colonized tropical, and possibly mythical, locale).

There has been much discussion and digging, and I just wanted to show the charts that helped me, along with all the input offered by the “vaquero y vaquera”.

SA doesn’t support the preferred symbols (neither does Stocktwits), but the underlying symbols are above and in the title. I’ll give them to you as Google sees them; ARI-A, ARR-B, CLNY-C, CMRE-D, OAKS-A, RSO-B, & TOO-A

The charts will show; 3 month daily chart w/30, 60, & 90 day Linear Regression Channels, Parabolic SAR, & Ulcer Index and more.

Clicking on the pictures will embiggenize them…

I will just leave them here in alphabetical order for you to peruse and I’ll tell you what I see.



I see a possible “buy the dip” opportunity ahead. I’m also very happy with the Ulcer Index. The general direction of price up over 2 & 3 months, but slightly down in the past month.



I see the Ulcer Index is in the “Happy Place” and the price is nice, too.



Ditto for Clny-C.



This looks slightly more risky, but IMHO, worth it.



I was unsure of this at first, but this helped reassure me, along with other sources (barchart, finviz, & stockcharts dot coms)



Again, I feel reasonably comfortable with this one and overall price direction is positive.



Another tanker shipping company, which I feel was unfairly impacted by the decline in the price of the commodity being transported (i.e.; oil). I’m feeling more comfortable with this as time goes on.

Finally, there’s the pudding that contains the proof. Here’s a look at my google sheet showing these stocks in my portfolio;


So, as you can see I’m up a bit since I started buying, and I’m getting a decent yield.

My buys, sells, and expected dividends on a recent blog post.

Additional disclosure: I own the shares as portrayed in this post, but Seeking Alpha & StockTwits don’t support those symbols.


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