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Hey, things change…

I invest in 6 closed end funds (listed in post title) as found on cefconnect.com, selecting only “high yield tax-free high return” issues for this taxable account. The selection will not vary much, if at all.

UPDATE: May 21st, 2016 I decided to make the ‘sharebuilder’ investments twice each month again, usually on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday unless a Holiday disrupts the plan, or I want to own something before it goes ex-dividend.

UPDATE: August 7th, 2016 I decided to grab some yield and changed up the investment plan. I’ll now be adding 6 different CEFs that offer higher average yield, higher average return, and equal or lower risk. We shall see…

Beginning in May, 2016, investment amounts will be based on the settled cash in the account and lasting through September 30, 2016. When the investment amount drops below $25, I will fund the investments from our checking account. I am still waiting for a decision on when the Costco Advantage plan benefits will be terminated, or if they will be continued.

Any common stock remaining in the account will either be sold or used to sell covered calls for additional income.

Here are 2 screenshots, one showing the investments queued on the Capital One Investing (sharebuilder) site, and the other showing the investments on a spreadsheet;



You can see that a change was made to the investment schedule to invest the first Tuesday in June. This was done in order to capture some dividends for the CEFs (Closed End Funds) being purchased. Later in the month the schedule reverted to 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, until the next time it changes.

Here’s the dates spreadsheet, showing the ex-dividend and payment dates for these 6 tax-free new CEFs;


Stay tuned!

As always, YMMV!


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