#HYHRD: Rolling on the #dividend train with $ARRPRB $EAD $DHY $IVH $HHY $PHT $HIX $LDP $BGH $DFP

I love seeing GREEN when I view my portfolio using HYHRD Portfolio on Google Sheets;

Here’s a look at my tiny IRA (what’s left of it);


The story is similar in our Roth accounts, and even our joint accounts are showing some GREEN.

But, there’s an opportunity there, and I don’t want to miss it.

Let me explain;

All of our holdings pay dividends, so there are a number of factors to consider, including; ex-dividend dates, current yield, current gain/loss, and position size to mention a few.

Here’s the ex-dividend dates;

  • August
    • 1st – FHY $0.09 FPF $0.1625 (already projected)
    • 4th – TOOPRB $0.5313 (already projected)
    • 9th – DHF $0.0265 HPF $0.14 HPI $0.14 HPS $0.1222 PDT $0.0975 (already projected)
    • 11th – ARRPRB $0.1640625 BDJ $0.0467 GOF $0.1821 EAD $0.068 JPC $0.067 JPI $0.1625 JPS $0.062 KIO $0.125 NMZ $0.076 (already projected)
    • 12th – DHY $0.023 (already projected)
    • 15th – IVH $0.125 (already projected)
    • 16th – CMU $0.0225 CXE $0.0245 HHY $0.06 MAV $0.0625 MFM $0.0315 MHI $0.0575 PHT $0.085
    • 17th – HIX $0.0615
    • 18th – LDP $0.156 PSF $0.172
    • 19th – BGH $0.1534
    • 22nd – DFP $0.16 FFC $0.136 FLC $0.136 PFD $0.09 PFO $0.073

So, as you can see, the ex-dividend dates fall on 8 consecutive trading days starting on the 11th right up through the 22nd. There were also some nice dividends earned on the 9th that could have been rolled into future dividends, too!

BTW, important note here: I’m only doing this in our Roth accounts, and only because they have “Limited Margin”.

So, take a quick look at the symbols from that timeframe (ARRPRB BDJ GOF EAD JPC JPI JPS KIO NMZ DHY IVH CMU CXE HHY MAV MFM MHI PHT HIX LDP PSF BGH DFP FFC FLC PFD PFO), that’s 27 symbols going ex-dividend in just 8 trading days!

Now, take a look at position size (far right of my Current Holdings sheet), and/or scroll down for a visual representation;


Cash is far and away my largest holding, with a large part of the increase due to my recent liquidation in our joint account of all common stock and options. Next largest holding is DHY, followed by HHY, BDJ, JPC, CSI, JPI, FPF, PHT, and HIX for our top ten holdings by value. Checking that sheet for percentage gain since purchase shows the highest gain is 15.31% by RSOPRB, and 10.72% by TOOPRB, but there are still gains to be captured from most of our holdings. Here’s how I intend to extract the gain, boost the dividend, and re-balance the portfolio.

First, let’s take a look at the HYHRD calendar. You can see I’ve added calendar entries reminding me what I want to do on Monday & Tuesday. It’s also probably a good idea not to sell before ex-dividend day as then the dividend is not retained, because it was never earned!

The plan is this;

  • Buy an amount before ex-dividend day approximately equal to the number of shares I intend to sell on/after ex-dividend day. New shares will be at a higher price (raising the basis) and the captured gains and extra dividends earned are pure profit.
  • On or after ex-dividend day, sell about half of any holding showing sufficient gain, adding to the cash position. Dividends have now been earned and will be paid.
  • Use the cash position to purchase additional shares of high yielding issues showing good gains, and/or to increase position size in smaller positions.
  • Use this procedure only in our Roth accounts.

So, then, on Monday I will;

Probably sell 132 shares of IVH in my Roth, and sell 171 shares of IVH in my wife’s account. Buy $3,000 worth of the next day’s 10.12% dividend in PHT (probably, because HHY is already overweight). We’ll see…

Tuesday’s plans look like this so far;

Sell 1259 DHY in my Roth, and sell 1962 DHY in my wife’s. Sell 200 HHY in my Roth, and sell 290 HHY in my wife’s. Buy some HIX, LDP, PSF, and/or BGH.

To be continued, and updated…

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