#HYHRD: What’s on the agenda? $DHY $CSI $GUT $DHF $HHY $HIX $ARRPRB

Taking a look at the Dividend Calendar on my blog, it’s clear to see we have some upcoming dividend paydays and the last of 8 consecutive ex-dividend days;


But, this doesn’t tell the whole story. See how the entry for Wednesday, August 31 seems cut short? Well, to see the whole story we need to switch to month view, so we click the tab for month;

and we see even less! But wait, click on the event for August 31st and you see a balloon with more info;


Do the same for Sept. 1st, and you’ll see;


It’s a better representation visually than my prior post about “Ex-div & pay dates”, as this excerpt shows;


Don’t you agree? Well, even if you don’t it’s another way to look at dividends and investing.

When you add in what is necessary to earn those dividend paydays, the ex-dividend days, you might spot a pattern or opportunity.

From the agenda;


Here you see that I may have recognized an opportunity and decided to act on it. Maybe the representation as a list of just ex-dividend dates is a better way to spot opportunity? Let’s take a look;


So, comparing what is needed (ex-dividend date) to what is desired (dividend paydays), it’s clear to see that it might be possible to achieve higher dividend yield while harvesting any capital gains/losses.

If all that is necessary is to own something before ex-dividend date to earn the dividend, it’s reasonable to assume that a purchase before ex-dividend, followed by an opportune sale on or after the ex-dividend date would net a higher dividend and possible capital gain as well!

Well, that’s exactly what I just did, although it may not be possible to continue that tactic once gains have been harvested. It might take some time for gains to increase enough to warrant a harvest.

Sure, there might be some issues that might not provide big capital gains or losses but do enhance the dividends, thereby providing an opportunity to earn a higher yield. Trading fees might take a big bite out of any profits, or add to any losses, so that must be considered as well.

At some point, the best thing to do is nothing.

As an investor, it’s my job to do all I can to achieve my goal.

The past few days have been tiring, but my recent tactic outlined above and reported in the #HYHRD: Rolling on the #dividend train… series of posts has paid off handsomely.

Now, I’m going to go have a nice nap. Have a great day, y’all!


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