#HYHRD: Rolling on the #dividend train with $CSI $DHF $DHY $EAD $JPC $JPI $KIO $PHT

This is another followup to my recent posts; #HYHRD: Rolling on the #dividend train with $ARRPRB $EAD $DHY $IVH $HHY $PHT $HIX $LDP $BGH $DFP in which I outlined my plan to roll some dividends during the 8-day continuous parade of symbols going ex-dividend. We have ended that parade with ex-dividend dates for DFP, FFC, FLC, PFD, & PFO on Monday, the 22nd of August.

That very same day we started a 6-day continuous parade of dividends.

This is the seventh (and probably last) post in the series. Saturday I posted the 6th, #HYHRD: Rolling on the #dividend train…

And now, this week’s results (after the fold);

I have harvested over $3,000.00 in gains, and re-balanced my positions. I increased the dividends for this month & future months and also got a higher yield. I can live with that.

It looks like the harvesting is done for now, as this week some limit sell orders were filled, furthering the gains by a couple hundred dollars.

A much bigger dividend for HIX was received (previous month, $37.17 – current month, $147.64 – projected next month, $47.09), so, it was about $110 more than last month, and will be about $10 more per month on a go-forward basis.

I’m taking this exercise as a win. I added another $251.75 to the results last Saturday to get a new total of $3,329.37. This week adds another $431.49, new total = $3,760.86. Not too shabby…

I have also continued to harvest gains and re-balance the portfolio.

This week…

In my Roth;

I sold 22 CSI ($23.48) 228 DHF ($48.48) 54 DHY ($0.49) 40 JPI ($25.51).

I bought 100 CSI 88 DHF 100 EAD 30 JPI.

In my IRA;

I sold 3 CSI (-$2.30) 100 JPC ($14.07) 1 JPI (-$5.86) 0.69 JPI ($0.59).

I bought 43 DHY 948 DHY 138 HHY.

In my wife’s Roth;

I sold 100 CSI ($138.64) 287 DHF ($62.82) 502 DHY ($72.14) 55 JPI ($53.43).

I bought 300 DHF 350 DHY 157 EAD 40 JPI 90 KIO 100 PHT 100 PHT.

Next week, ARRPRB pays dividends on Monday, and then on Wednesday 21 of our holdings pay monthly dividends. Thursday is September 1st, and 6 of our holdings pay dividends while 2 more trade ex-dividend. Looks like a busy week!

Live long, prosper enough, love fully…

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