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This is the regular posting of the review of “Expected dividends and current holdings” of the #HYHRD portfolio.

The spreadsheet for each individual account, along with the monthly balances and yearly dividends are now found in the tradelogs workbook. However, only the tradelogs page with all the aggregate information is posted. The individual account pages, etc., are not posted (to save time and space).

I only post for my holdings, but they’re as accurate as I can make them. The symbols are; ARI-A, ARR-B, BDJ, BGH, CLNY-C, CMRE-D, CMU, CSI, CXE, DFP, DHF, DHY, EAD, FFC, FHY, FLC, FPF, GOF, GUT, HHY, HIX, HPF, HPI, HPS, HTD, IVH, JPC, JPI, JPS, KIO, LDP, MAV, MFM, MHI, NMZ, PDT, PFD, PFO, PHK, PHT, PSF, RNP, RQI, RSO-C, STK, TOO-B. Quite a list, eh? (46 total issues held; 0 common stocks, 6 Preferreds, and 40 CEFs.)

These series of blog posts are sometimes delayed, and used to be issued weekly. Since the majority of our holdings pay dividends near the end and/or beginning of the month it’s no longer warranted to issue so frequently. There are usually 4 posts in this series, plus the sharebuilder updates are issued twice a month. I think you should try to catch all 4, plus the sharebuilder update if you’re so inclined. Occasionally I’ll throw something else up for ridicule or admiration like my recent post about “Profiting from Preferreds”, so feel free to be entertained! I just put another post up titled “Rolling on the #dividend train” and will keep that updated through next week…

This post examines recent & upcoming dividends and current holdings.

Google Drive has the most recent workbooks accessible, in my public files area.

For all of our total shares (only shown on the Google sheets under the Real Results tab on my blog), the Expected Dividends from the currently held position(s) across the HYHRD portfolio are $14,584.60/year. The dollar amount(s) invested in position(s) are shown on each account’s page. The YIELD is also shown on those pages. This does NOT consider capital gain/loss, but that is reflected on the tradelogs if/when shares are either called or sold. Do your homework and do your own due diligence! YMMV!

These are the expected dividends for the past and next couple of weeks (no amount means ex-dividend date is in the future or no dividend was earned);

  • July
    • 25th – DHY $86.04
    • 27th – ARRPRB $32.82 DHF $33.50
    • 28th – HHY $75.66
    • 29th – AI $125.00 BDJ $54.10 CMU $2.28 CXE $1.56 DFP $18.29 FFC $17.73 FLC $17.59 HIX $37.17 HPF $16.99 HPI $16.85 HPS $17.03 IVH $37.91 KIO $34.25 LDP $17.83 MAV $1.75 MFM $1.47 MHI $1.71 PDT $16.52 PFD $16.33 PFO $16.76 PHT $35.41 PSF $17.60 interest $0.93
  • August
    • 1st – BGH $35.26 CNSL $38.77 EAD $35.49 JPC $60.15 JPI $61.94 JPS $32.34 NMZ $1.81 RSOPRB $103.12 (already paid)
    • 15th – FHY $31.52 FPF $63.74 TOOPRB $106.26 (already paid)
    • 22nd – DHY $113.44 (already paid)
    • 23rd – CSI $103.28 (already paid)
    • 24th – GUT $3.88 (already paid)
    • 25th – DHF $33.61 HHY $75.95 (already paid)
    • 26th – HIX $147.64 (already paid)
    • 29th – ARRPRB $32.82 (already paid)
    • 31st – BDJ $49.58 CMU $3.39 CXE $2.65 DFP $18.35 FFC $17.85 FLC $17.71 GOF $2.16 HPF $17.03 HPI $16.89 HPS $17.08 IVH $68.55 KIO $34.37 LDP $32.39 MAV $2.64 MFM $3.22 MHI $3.08 PDT $16.56 PFD $21.65 PFO $16.86 PHT $86.63 PSF $32.39 interest $2.14 (already paid)
  • September
    • 1st – BGH $43.06 EAD $35.62 JPC $60.33 JPI $62.15 JPS $32.45 NMZ $3.05 (already paid)
    • 15th – FHY $45.12 FPF $84.91

Presented another way, here is the sheet I use to record the dividends;


The large variations in dividend income each month is due to the ‘small month, small month, big month’ dividend cycle, when some quarterly paying dividend issues do not pay a dividend until 1 or 2 months later. At that time, we will witness the ‘big month’ dividend cycle (usually January, April, July, October). This will actually be less prominent now that most of our holdings pay monthly. Currently, we receive $914.57 per month from our 37 monthly payers. Our 9 quarterly paying holdings pay out $861.88 per quarter, which is roughly equivalent to $287.29 per month. That means our projected (but not actual) income is ~$1,201.86 per month, ~$3,605.59 per quarter, and of course $14,422.36 per year. The first month of each Quarter (JAJO) has ARIPRA paying $53.91, CLNYPRC paying $133.59, CMREPRD paying $164.06 for a total of $351.56. The second month of each Quarter (FMAN) has CSI paying $36.38, RSOPRC paying $161.72, STK paying $138.75, TOOPRB paying $159.39 for a total of $496.24. The third month of each Quarter (MJSD) has RNP paying $7.09, RQI paying $7.00 for a total of $14.09. Given all of that, then, the quarterly dividends received should be ~$1,266.13 for the first month each quarter, ~$1,410.81 for the second month each quarter, and $928.66 for the third month each quarter. But, it gets even more complicated than that… (Information accurate as of 8/27/16 – For most up-to-date info, see the google sheets).

Mr. Market may have different ideas than you or I, so it’s always a good idea to at least have a look each day. I don’t really like buying when the market is going down, but I don’t mind buying (or selling) so much when the market is going up.

While we’re on the subject of dividends;

Qualified dividends are a type of dividend to which capital gains tax rates are applied. These tax rates are usually lower than regular income tax rates. To this end, I will aim to hold mostly qualified dividend paying stocks and/or ‘tax-free’ issues in our joint (taxable) brokerage account(s).

Here are the tax brackets for 2014;


Here are the tax brackets for 2015;


As of July 9th; FFL, FLC, PFD, PFO, & PHT are being DRIPped in both Roth IRAs because they reinvest at a discount! I just love a bargain!

As of August 13th, I have decided that no holding paying over $10.00 for the next dividend will be DRIPped in our joint accounts, and FFL, FLC, PFD, PFO, & PHT in our Roth accounts. This information is shown on the Google sheets on the Dividends tab. (Preferred shares can NOT be DRIPped.)

Part (or ALL) of the cash in our accounts will be withdrawn each month on an ‘as needed’ basis. I would like to retain about half of the settled cash in each account for further investing.

Again, to see our current holdings;

Just click here (will open in a new window).


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