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I have discontinued using the MS Excel spreadsheets except to record dividends, withdrawal amounts, and cash balances. I am now using Google spreadsheets for my holdings. They are as up-to-date as I can manage, but will lag by a day or so due to delays in the reporting from the brokerages. The prices should update close to real-time, however, with a possible slight delay (~20 minutes) from Google.

I used to post the screenshots of dividend pay dates, record dates, declaration dates, dividend amounts, ex-dividend dates, record dates, and tax status as well as option activity. All except tax status & option activity is on my google sheets.

I only post for my holdings, but they’re as accurate as I can make them. The symbols are; ARI-A, ARR-B, BDJ, BGH, CLNY-C, CMRE-D, CMU, CSI, CXE, DFP, DHF, DHY, EAD, FFC, FHY, FLC, FPF, GOF, GUT, HHY, HIX, HPF, HPI, HPS, HTD, IVH, JPC, JPI, JPS, KIO, LDP, MAV, MFM, MHI, NMZ, PDT, PFD, PFO, PHK, PHT, PSF, RNP, RQI, RSO-C, STK, TOO-B. Quite a list, eh? (46 total issues held; 0 common stocks, 6 Preferreds, and 40 CEFs.)

This series of blog posts is issued `weekly, but since the majority of our holdings pay dividends near the end and/or beginning of the month it may not always warrant a publishing blitz. There are usually 4 posts in the series when posted. The sharebuilder update and the monthly withdrawal update are both issued monthly. I think you should try to catch all 4, plus the sharebuilder update if you’re so inclined. Occasionally I’ll throw something else up for ridicule or admiration like my recent post about “Profiting from Preferreds”, so feel free to be entertained! I just put another post up titled “Rolling on the #dividend train” and keep that updated…

I did fairly well with that, and harvested over $3,500.00 in gains! (Stopped, now!)

Of course, if something major happens I might be tempted to throw something up about that. Or not. Like the recession, or whatever…

Like from now on, I’m thinking I’ll just make one sharebuilder investment day (First Tuesday of Every Month) and use all 12 free trade credits on my 12 holdings in one shot. But, I will not be investing equally. Investment amounts will be based on 1/72nd of the settled cash in the account so it should last ~six months. These amounts will be pro-rated amongst the 12 CEFs according to their Total Return. It’s all shown on the equal weight spreadsheet.

Anyway, let’s continue with a look at the dates;

The most up-to-date method to view our holdings and expected dividends is to look under the “Real Results” tab on my blog, and select the Current Holdings item. Then, click the link for the Google docs spreadsheet.

Or, just click here (will open in a new window).

Here’s the sheet I use to track options (mostly covered calls, only updated when I sell or close a position;


Here’s a look at the dates spreadsheet, showing the ex-dividend and pay dates of each dividend (also shown on the calendar). I sometimes use info like this to time purchases or sales after a stock goes ex-dividend, due to the anticipated drop in stock price, or to make sure I own a stock before the ex-dividend date to ensure I am entitled to the dividend. I mainly use it to keep track of the dates and amounts of the dividend. YMMV!

Click here for the dates sheet.

Look on the right side and you’ll see a chart (table) sorted by ex-dividend dates.

But, as always, “Don’t be hasty” as Treebeard would say. 😉

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