#HYHRD: WTF moments in campaigning, Clinton cleared, futures jump $INDU $COMPQ $WLSH $SPX $NDX $RUT

UPDATE: Well, it appears the whole world’s financial markets are pleased with the announcement clearing Clinton. It appears the world’s “owners” have shown their hands. Updated screenshots below.

Well, it’s back to Risk on apparently.

Clinton cleared by FBI (funny how that works).

Stock futures jump;


World markets react;


So, it does look like the game is rigged.

Not just one game, ALL GAMES…

This should be an interesting week.

Checking this morning, futures are even higher;


World markets have reacted even more positively overnight;


Well, the markets seem to like Clinton (and NOT Trump!) for president.

George Carlin was right.

We have owners.

It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.


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