#HYHRD: That #Special #Dividend #Season, with #Cap #Gains! $IVH $PDT $BBK $BKN

It’s that special season.

No, not the “Holiday Season”.

It’s a #Special #Dividend #Season, with #Cap #Gains!

It all started with a twit (that’s a tweet, only on stocktwits, right?). Anyhowdy, this is whut I writ;


And if you followed that link (it will open in a new tab), you’d see a pretty straightforward announcement of a small special dividend.

If you add that to the dividend on the dates sheet, it changes how the monthly dividend and yield is calculated. I will choose to ignore calculations, and simply note the special dividend.

So far (per share, for December);

  • IVH declared special dividend of $0.025
  • PDT declared Long Term Capital Gain distribution $0.30
  • Nuveen announced broad dividend cuts for many muni CEFs & others, too.
  • BKN declared Taxable NII of $0.000003, LT Cap Gain of $0.221251, & ST Cap Gain of $0.038767
  • BBK LT Cap Gain of $0.277271 & ST Cap Gain of $0.111753

Blackrock literally dropped a bomb and announced a veritable explosion of; Taxable Net Investment Income, Short-Term Capital Gain, & Long-Term Capital Gain. Take a look at page 3!

But, that’s overkill because I only own BBK & BKN on that list of specials.

So, I decided to show it on the dividend tab aggregated in Column ‘O’, included in Next Dividend, and broken down per share by paying source on the dates tab on the far right (columns ‘O’ through ‘R’).

Hey, it ain’t much but I’ll take the $1.30, $2.50, $8.83, & $13.45 they’re handing out. Maybe I’ll splurge and buy a half tank of gas. YMMV!


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