#HYHRD portfolio #sharebuilder update for 12/20 $PHK $GOF $DHY

Hey, things change…

…and could change again, up until 5PM on the day orders are created (usually Mondays). I will try to update this post by 4:30PM on that day if I decide to change anything.

Usually, though, once investments are set at the end of the week they’ll stay that way. Let’s see how that pans out…

UPDATE: For investments on December 20th; I am looking for yield, so I will pick the top 3 yielding positions across our portfolio for investments.

That’s instead of this, which hasn’t been implemented, yet. ===> Investments are calculated automatically on the Cash tab in my Google sheets. Check it out! (I look for Negative D x Y ((Discount [% Change Since Purchase]) x Yield), and pick the bottom 3 in the portfolio for investments, with the anticipation that I can buy more and they will yield more plus appreciate in price and therefore increase Total Return.)

This account was going to only hold tax-free muni CEFs, and DRIP. Now however, tax status is very uncertain, so I am opening this account up to all holdings (that are eligible for the sharebuilder AIP).

Also, in anticipation of Tax Day on April 18th, I have stopped the DRIP of most positions in our Roth IRA accounts to help increase our cash positions.

Every week I invest a small amount (~$150.00), pro-rated among the 3 closed end funds listed in the post title as found in our portfolio.

UPDATE: October 15th, 2016 I decided to make the ‘sharebuilder’ investments weekly, every Tuesday.

For October, 2016, investment amounts will be divided amongst the 17 new to the portfolio tax-free muni CEFs; BBK, BFK, BKN, BTA, EVN, FMN, IQI, LEO, NAD, NVG, NZF, OIA, PMF, PML, PMM, PMO, & PMX @ $56 each. This amount is approximately equivalent to 12 investments @ $79 each ($79 X 12 = $948), minus $1 for each trade after the first 12 ‘free’ trades on the sharebuilder ‘Advantage Plan’ ($56 X 17 = $952) and ($952 – $5 = $947). November’s investment schedule has not yet been determined.

The October sale & purchase effectively reset this account to the tax-free muni CEF strategy.

The purchase on 11/29/16 effectively opens this account up to all CEFs.

Beginning with the October 18th investment day, investment amounts will be based on 1/132nd of the settled cash in the account so it should last ~44 weeks, and will be adjusted as needed to show the result as $50 average for the 3 weekly investments. Dividends will add to the share balance through DRIP. Withdrawals and weekly investments will reduce the cash balance. I am funding the account @ $300 monthly from our checking account. I am still waiting for a decision on when the Costco Advantage plan benefits will be terminated, or if they will be continued. I still think they might just let it quietly continue…

The number of tax-free muni CEFs in this account is 23; BBK, BFK, BKN, BTA, CMU, CXE, EVN, FMN, IQI, LEO, MAV, MFM, MHI, NAD, NMZ, NVG, NZF, OIA, PMF, PML, PMM, PMO, & PMX.

Here is a screenshot showing the investments queued on the Capital One Investing (sharebuilder) site;

A change was made to the investment schedule to invest every Tuesday beginning October 18th, 2016. I will pro-rate the investment amount for the three (3) CEFs (Closed End Funds) being purchased.

The dates spreadsheet (which calulates these investments automatically!), showing the ex-dividend and payment dates for these CEFs, can be found in my google sheets. I also try to keep the calendar on my blog updated.

Stay tuned!

As always, YMMV!


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