I’m Pat Rosenheim, a.k.a. the PandA Trader.

I decided to do some hunting for yield, return, and stability (Ha!)

First, I pulled up my favorite screen on CEFCONNECT and then I ran each of those symbols through a charting process.

First, the initial screen results;


And then, one by one, I added them to the free PerfCharts function on stockcharts.com.

I typed AWF and clicked GO (default 200 day charts displayed).


And then I just kept typing the symbols one by one until I reached 10 (the maximum for this function) and removed the worst performer;


Bye-bye, JMM!

See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

I have to tell you; ETO, ETG, & GBAB were way below the others and were summarily dismissed, not making it through this process. AWF & STK were chosen because they had come up recently in comments on another site. BTW, sometimes you’ll learn more from the comment section than in the original post. 😉

I eliminated JPS, JMT, etc., until I had reached the end of the initial screening results. I picked the top 3 remaining (HYB, PLF, TLI, and even left AWF until the end and then added STK, too (just to compare them both against the top performers).

I then started adding our holdings based on Total Return; I added 7 of these (BGH, CSQ, DHY, PHK, IVH, GOF, FHY);


RA, BDJ, & KIO weren’t included only because there wasn’t room. It could be argued that the same elimination process be applied to get a “true” top ten, removing the lowest performer and adding from the remaining pool of 3. I decline to acquiesce! Apologies!

I actually did, and still came approximately to the following conclusion. Only RA wasn’t put through this process, having only ~25 days history (new symbol).

It should be noted that all of the current portfolio top ten perfomers yield in excess of 10% in Total Return.

Sorry, AWF & STK, you came highly recommended, but you didn’t make it to final selection. Better luck next time!

The end result was a “Top Ten” list; HYB, PFL, TLI, BGH, CSQ, IVH, DHY, PHK, GOF, FHY (not in that order).

So, it looks like I’ll be thinking about adding HYB, PFL, & TLI to our portfolio. Maybe nibble a little each week, who knows?

It certainly warrants a closer look.

UPDATE: 1/12/17 I actually just posted a comment about modifying the process slightly with the results. I wanted to show you the screening criteria used on cefconnect.com;


Pat Rosenheim
(PandA Trader)
High Yield, High Return Dividend


About PandA Trader

I am, I think... "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made." -- Oscar Wilde
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12 Responses to #HYHRD: L@@king over $AWF $HYB $PFL $STK $TLI $BGH $CSQ $IVH $DHY, $PHK $GOF $FHY

  1. PandA Trader says:

    So, I modified it a bit and ran this procedure today;

    1. run (102216) screener @ cefconnect.com

    2. run each symbol obtained through perfcharts on stockcharts.com (maximum of 10 symbols allowed so discretionary ommission is necessary – over 20%?)

    3. add current holdings 1 by 1 (again, maximum of 10 symbols allowed so same discretionary ommission is necessary)

    4. trim as necessary to only include 3 new symbols with any current holdings “passing muster”

    5. today’s result (FIF, HYB, TLI) graphed with some current holdings performing >= new symbols; http://stockcharts.com/freecharts/perf.php?FIF,HYB,TLI,BGH,DHY,IVH,GOF&n=200&O=011000

    I can see this will be a fluid process!


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