#HYHRD Watch List w/e 1/14 $FIF $HYB $TLI $BGH $DHY $GOF $IVH

This Watch List Update will be issued weekly. These results from this past week focus more on closed end funds than other issues. This will also be the focus on a “go-forward” basis.

Hindsight can be 20/20, foresight not so much.

I can’t always hit them, but these are my targets.

My expectations have changed. My new expectations for the #HYHRD (High Yield High Return Dividend) Portfolio:

I target a minimal annual return on price and NAV (both `10%?) and a minimum 5% dividend yield for income.

I am hitting some of my targets.



I’m Pat Rosenheim, a.k.a. the PandA Trader.

What follows is one of my methods to screen for possible investments, and the one I currently use;

In a previous post, I outlined a method to screen for and select new additions to the portfolio.

I modified the procedure slightly since that post, but it is generally the same screen.

I used a similar process when I first started investing in CEFs last year.

Each week, I will;

    1. run (102216) screener @ cefconnect.com
      • criteria used
      • screen
    2. run each symbol obtained through perfcharts on stockcharts.com
      • maximum of 10 symbols allowed so discretionary ommission is performed
      • if performance is over 20%, then symbols will generally be retained
      • the final pass will remove all but the top 3 performers
    3. add current holdings 1 by 1, keeping only those scoring at or above the new symbols retained thus far
      • again, a maximum of 10 symbols allowed so same discretionary ommission is necessary
      • restated; trim as necessary to only include 3 new symbols with any current holdings “passing muster”
    4. today’s result (FIF, HYB, TLI) is graphed with some current holdings performing >= new symbols;
    5. List the “final list” in the title of this post
    6. Optionally, run this final list through Chartmill

I also like to run this list through the CandleGlance tool on stockcharts’ website; http://stockcharts.com/freecharts/candleglance.html?FIF,HYB,TLI,BGH,DHY,GOF,IVH|D|A12,26,9|

I think the 1 year view gives a very good visual representation of past performance and some insight into future direction. The % P&F is my favorite optimist tool.
Stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with a screenshot of a 1 year chart of TLI (apologies for the fullscreen 1920 x 1080 resolution):


As always, YMMV!

panda_wildePat Rosenheim
(PandA Trader)
High Yield, High Return Dividend


About PandA Trader

I am, I think... "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made." -- Oscar Wilde
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