#HYHRD: Dividends/Holdings 2/4 $JPS $KIO $LDP $LEO $MAV $MFM $MHI $NAD $NHF $NMZ $NRO $NVG $NZF $OIA $PDT $PFD



I’m Pat Rosenheim, a.k.a. the PandA Trader.

This is the regular posting of the review of “Expected dividends and current holdings” of the #HYHRD portfolio.

The spreadsheet for each individual account is now found on my Google sheets.

I only post for my holdings, but they’re as accurate as I can make them. The symbols are; ARR-B, BBK, BDJ, BFK, BGH, BKN, BTA, CMU, CSQ, CXE, DFP, DHF, DHY, EAD, EVN, FFC, FHY, FIF, FLC, FMN, FPF, GOF, GUT, HIX, HPF, HPI, HPS, HYB, IQI, IVH, JPC, JPI, JPS, KIO, LDP, LEO, MAV, MFM, MHI, NAD, NHF, NMZ, NRO, NVG, NZF, OIA, PDT, PFD, PFO, PHK, PHT, PMF, PML, PMM, PMO, PMX, PSF, RA, RFI, RNP, RQI, TLI, TPZ, & UTF. Quite a list, eh? (64 total issues held; 0 common stocks, 1 Preferred issue, and 63 CEFs, of which 23 are tax-free muni CEFs.)

This post examines recent & upcoming dividends and current holdings.

For all of our total shares (only shown on the Google sheets under the Real Results tab on my blog), the Expected Dividends from the currently held position(s) across the HYHRD portfolio are $15,007.04/year. This figure is taken from the Holdings tab. The dollar amount(s) invested in position(s) are shown on each account’s page. The YIELD is also shown on those pages. This does NOT consider capital gain/loss, nor does it consider accumulated dividends. Do your homework and do your own due diligence! YMMV!

These are declared ex-dividend dates with amount per share for the next couple of weeks;

  • February ex-dividend calendar
    • 6 – DHF $0.0265 (already projected)
    • 9 – EVN $0.0583 GUT $0.05 HPF $0.14 HPI $0.14 HPS $0.1222 KIO $0.125 PDT $0.0975 PHK $0.080699 PMF $0.05967 PML $0.065 PMX $0.05575
    • 10 – HYB $0.06
    • 13 – ARRPRB $0.1640625 BBK $0.075 BDJ $0.0467 BFK $0.0711 BKN $0.072 BTA $0.0545 EAD $0.068 GOF $0.1821 IQI $0.0585 JPC $0.064 JPI $0.1505 JPS $0.062 NAD $0.068 NMZ $0.0675 NRO $0.04 NVG $0.0725 NZF $0.074 OIA $0.0344
    • 14 – CMU $0.022 CXE $0.024 DHY $0.023 LDP $0.156 MAV $0.0475 MFM $0.031 MHI $0.0475 PHT $0.065 PSF $0.172 RA $0.199 RFI $0.08 RNP $0.124 RQI $0.08 UTF $0.134
    • 15 – BGH $0.1534 HIX $0.054 TLI $0.0725
    • 17 – NHF $0.20

These are the expected dividends for the next couple of weeks (no amount means ex-dividend date is in the future or no dividend was earned);

  • February dividend dates
    • 15 – FHY $15.24 FIF $0.87 FPF $41.73

Presented another way, here is the sheet I use to record the dividends (subject to change) and projected out through next week (it might be 2 screenshots around the beginning/end of the month), and since there are no dividends expected next week, let’s look at dividends received YTD;



If you look at my google sheets, there’s a tab for dividends. When you click that and scroll down, you’ll see something like this;


That will be updated on my sheets, but the picture above is just to give you an idea of what it might (or did) look like.

Mr. Market may have different ideas than you or I, so it’s always a good idea to at least have a look each day. I don’t really like buying when the market is going down, but I don’t mind buying (or selling) so much when the market is going up.

As of September 27th; FFC, FLC, GOF, GUT, MAV, MHI, PFD, PFO, PHK, PHT, PMF, PML, & PMX will be DRIPped in Fidelity accounts because they reinvest at a discount! I just love a bargain! Capital One (sharebuilder) doesn’t offer this.

Also as of September 24th, I have decided that no holding will be DRIPped in our Roth IRA accounts, except; FFC, FLC, GOF, GUT, MAV, MHI, PFD, PFO, PHK, PHT, PMF, PML, & PMX (already being DRIPped!). Everything in our Fidelity joint brokerage account and my IRA will be DRIPped. This information is shown on the Google sheets on the Dividends tab. The Capital One (Sharebuilder) account is also being DRIPped. (And, preferred shares can NOT be DRIPped.)

UPDATE: 12/24/16I have suspended ALL DRIP until taxes are paid.

Part (or ALL) of the cash in our accounts will be withdrawn each month on an ‘as needed’ basis. I would like to retain about half of the settled cash in each account for further investing.

Again, to see our current holdings;

Just click here (will open in a new window).

panda_wildePat Rosenheim
(PandA Trader)
High Yield, High Return Dividend


About PandA Trader

I am, I think... "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made." -- Oscar Wilde
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