Thoughts on $OXLC, w/charts, etc.

I was just asked about my thoughts on $OXLC (Oxford Lane Capital Corp), but since I am not qualified to give an opinion…

…I can only show my reference material and source(s), and tell you what I would (or wouldn’t) do…

This info from Google;

Oxford Lane Capital Corp. is a non-diversified closed-end management investment company. The Fund’s investment objective is to maximize its portfolio’s risk adjusted total return and seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing in structured finance investments, specifically collateralized loan obligation (CLO) vehicles, which primarily own senior corporate debt securities. The Fund holds debt investments in over three different CLO structures and equity investments in approximately 30 different CLO structures. Its investment strategy also includes investing in warehouse facilities, which are financing structures intended to aggregate loans that may be used to form the basis of a CLO vehicle. The Fund may also invest, on an opportunistic basis, in corporate debt securities on a direct basis and a range of other corporate credits. Oxford Lane Management, LLC (OXLC Management) is the investment advisor of the Fund.

This was my (paraphrased & annotated, and given in ~140 character chunks) answer;

Thoughts on $OXLC – well, I like charts, and this chart; says (not overbought or oversold), with a buy signal, but @

This is the chart referenced above from;


slightly higher risk (according to Ulcer Index). this one says Strong Buy;, this says HOLD,

(“grain of salt” required for these 2, I’ve found)

First, from;


and then there’s this from;


the bottom row of these charts shows price appreciation since last year’s low, but with a 33.3333% dividend cut for

This is from my thinkorswim software (now renamed to thinkTDA);


(BTW, you can get my layout for free by opening my shared layout url within the thinkTDA software. This is the url;

June & Sept. it lowers the yield considerably to about 13-14% – I wouldn’t buy it, but you seem to be doing ok so…



Those are my “thoughts”…




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