#HYHRD: This. This is why I DO NOT give advice! $RAD $DPW $GMANQ $INVT $CLSN $ANY $GORO $HGT $PWE $CIK



I’m Pat Rosenheim, a.k.a. the PandA Trader.

I am asked for advice quite often, and I politely refuse to give any.

Some of the reasons for my refusal;

  • It’s illegal
  • I’m not qualified
  • It’s illegal
  • I don’t want to be blamed if someone blows up their account
  • It’s illegal
  • I have no qualifications
  • Did I mention it’s illegal?
  • Did I mention I’m not qualified?

So, I got this email today;

Hi I’m trying to get in to monthly dividends I was wondering if you could tell me a good way to witch ones are to get with low income to a start

This was my answer;

I can’t give specific advice. I can show you what I do. Do you read my blog? Have you seen my spreadsheet?

about 7 hours later, this reply came;

Ya please anything can help I’m trying to get a start and your setup I like very mutch I just don’t understand it I use a app called robinhood is that ok you think. I bought dhy fhy psec I seen on your post ya if you could help me with anything would be nice thaks

3 minutes later this reply came in;

I read your blog and spreed sheets I’m trying to start me a portfolio with robinhood I have low income so any help would be very mutch helpful thks

7 minutes later came this reply;

I’m just would like a dividend retirement like you I’m security guard no will help me so I’m turning to you thks for your time

3 minutes later this reply came and set off all kinds of alarms;

So here’s what I bought so far most from your spreed sheet



Wow! Seriously?

This was my reply;

No, most are not from my spreadsheet. Specifically, why did you buy; RAD, DPW, GMANQ, INVT, CLSN, ANY, GORO, HGT, PWE,  & CIK?

The reason I do not give advice is quite simple. If you try to blame me for those, you’re out of luck. I never told anybody to buy anything, especially those. You’re on your own. The only one to blame for those is you.

The ones I own are; DHY, PSEC, TICC, DHF, & FHY. But, I never told anyone to buy anything. Especially penny stocks…

It’s ILLEGAL for me to give advice. That’s why I can’t. I can show you what I do, but I’m not going to tell you it’s right for you, or anybody.

Take a look at this chart, and tell me why you bought these:


This is what I own, do you notice any difference? http://stockcharts.com/freecharts/perf.php?DHY,PSEC,TICC,DHF,FHY

Study those charts, and tell me why you bought what you did.

That. THAT! That is why I DO NOT GIVE ADVICE!


I’m not telling anyone to buy anything or giving anyone any advice, because that’s illegal. You see, I have no letters after my name, like RIA, CFA, etc. I SIMPLY DO NOT GIVE ADVICE. I only tell (and show!) what I do. You, like me, are all alone in this.

And remember, always do your own due diligence!

panda_wildePat Rosenheim
(PandA Trader)
High Yield, High Return Dividend


About PandA Trader

I am, I think... "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made." -- Oscar Wilde
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