#HYHRD – Using the TDM #Dividend & #Investment Tracking Software part 2



I’m Pat Rosenheim, a.k.a. the PandA Trader.

I recently decided to start using the TDM software again. I downloaded it from http://www.thomasdividendmanager.com/index.php/download-tdm and I was good to go!

This is part 2 in the series, for part 1, please click this link. I strongly recommend you read all of the articles in the series.

You will recall in my previous post about this software, that I input every transaction in our Fidelity accounts, but not in our Capital One accounts. The reason for that is, once again, because I’m basically lazy. You see, most of the Fidelity accounts were recently reset to hold mostly DTC discount eligible holdings, and since the rest of our holdings were transferred to Capital One Investing and I had held been adding to them for a while I decided to just take the aggregate holdings (share counts and costs) instead of recording each transaction. This resulted in the Fidelity accounts being almost immediately up to date as far as dividends earned but not yet received, but the Capital One Investing accounts would lag until the ex-dividend had passed before the TDM program would begin to automatically calculate the dividend amount(s) earned.

I also set the Fidelity accounts up to DRIP the dividends since there was a possibility I would be getting a discount. I love discounts! I love dividends! Discounted dividend stock sent me into a slight euphoria!

So, first I looked at the accounts;


This window pops up if you have more than one account and click the account name in the lower left corner.

I selected the account ‘IRA-P’ and set it up to drip. To do this I had to edit each holding (click a holding on the left, select Edit and make sure the check box to DRIP stock was selected. Since this was the first time, I had to click the box and do this for each holding in this account, and then susequently in all other accounts that would DRIP. I could select some, or all, but I had already decided the best use of the Fidelity accounts would be to DRIP these holdings I did this for each holding in each account. There are 4 accounts, and once that was done, I merely had to wait until dividend day (or later) to apply the DRIPs.

So, let’s take a look at that process (click picture to embiggen);


You can see the box is checked to DRIP stock…

Here’s another look at my Fidelity IRA from my May 30th post, and you can see the holdings and expected dividends automatically waiting to be received (click picture to embiggen).


Here’s a look at the same account today, and now we’re going to click that raindrop symbol and DRIP our shares (click picture to embiggen)!


When I click that drop, this is what I see (click picture to embiggen);


All my DRIPs for this account are waiting to be applied!

Let’s take a look at the Fidelity transaction history to see which one(s) are ready to be applied (click picture to embiggen);


You’ll notice there are now 3 entries for GOF; the original dividend amount received, and 2 other entries with a different (higher!) amount. I’ll click the reinvestment entry to tell me how many shares will be DRIPped (click picture to embiggen);


Great! I know .137 shares are being DRIPped so I will apply them in the TDM program. First, click the asterisk next to the symbol being DRIPped, and this window pops up;


I just enter ‘.137’ into the box for # of shares repurchased and then click Apply DRIP, and I’m done!

Easy peasy!

I can also add a transaction if the dividend wasn’t calculated, like the Capital One Investing accounts, and just fill in the blanks.

Now, here’s a look at our Capital One Investing joint taxable account from my May 30th post, with some dividends not calculated yet (click picture to embiggen);


And, here’s that same account today, showing dividends being calculated and also an alert to a change in FIF’s dividend (an increase because shares were purchased after the ex-dividend date) (click picture to embiggen);


Now, the only thing left to do is update my Google sheets.

I hope this helps. I also want to add that I am not paid or reimbursed in any way by the programmer. I just happen to love the program and want to share.


Dustin, the programmer, is constantly updating the software with great new features. The DRIP feature is new since I last used it. I love it!

Anyway, as you can see, the dividend info for my stocks and CEFS is pulled quite easily and automatically into the program.

More as I find the time to update…


I’m not telling anyone to buy anything or giving anyone any advice, because that’s illegal. You see, I have no letters after my name, like RIA, CFA, etc. I SIMPLY DO NOT GIVE ADVICE. I only tell (and show!) what I do. You, like me, are all alone in this.

And remember, always do your own due diligence!

panda_wildePat Rosenheim
(PandA Trader)
High Yield, High Return Dividend


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I am, I think... "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made." -- Oscar Wilde
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