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Howdy, Y’all!


I’m Pat Rosenheim, a.k.a. the PandA Trader.

I use Google spreadsheets for my holdings and to record dividends. They are as up-to-date as I can manage, but will lag by a day or so due to delays in the cost basis reporting from the brokerages. The share prices should update close to real-time, however, with a possible slight delay (~20 minutes) from Google (or any other source that I use). Also, there now appears to be a very real existential threat to these spreadsheets; Google has “updated” the Finance portion of their website, and all financial functions ceased functioning on the Google sheets recently. It has since started functioning again. I may stop using these sheets altogether, but they are still there. For now…


Let’s go!

This is some historical info;

Here’s an update: The pricing updates for QQQX (and some others) has failed again in other areas of the spreadsheets. Thanks, Google! NOT!!!

Here’s another update: The pricing for SMHB is not working. I have contacted Google, and the response was that it was implemented, but of course it hasn’t been. So, there will be no reporting for shares of SMHB that I own in my Roth IRA. Also, Yahoo! does not support the symbol, either, so there’s no kludge that I can use. Thanks, Google! NOT!!!

Here’s another update: The pricing for SMHB (and now BGH as well!) is now working thanks to an add-on from Sheets Market Data. Thanks, Sheets Market Data!

Here’s another update: The pricing for everything stopped working on February 4th so I switched to the Sheets Market Data add-on. Thanks, Google! NOT!!!

Oh, Jeez! Here’s yet another update: The pricing for everything stopped working on April 4th so I switched from the Sheets Market Data add-on back to Google Finance.

And, that’s enough of the historical info…

531147_389388761142977_154361047_nb NOTE: (Google will soon discontinue some parts of Google Finance, so there is an existential threat to my Google spreadsheets. They have given no warning, only that some of it will stop working “to enhance the user experience”. Assholes!)

From the Silver Lining Dept.: Since I use the TDM dividend and Investment Tracking Software, I don’t worry about Google’s asinine decisions anymore. This TDM software pulls all the dates and dividend amounts into the program automatically so all I need to do is input any buys and sells and the dividends are calculated automatically for me! I can pull up the ex-dividend list and it even shows ones in the past month I may have missed on my sheets and calendar. Mostly, though, I just use it now to forecast a week ahead for the ex-dividend dates, and subsequently the dividend amounts. The program will forecast several months into the future, based on historical amounts, but I’m only concerned with what I have earned (ex-dividend dates and amounts) and what I will receive (dividend projections) for the next 7 days (or 14 days, or 21 days, or 28 days, etc.) Also, I can select only what has been declared and omit the historical guess that the program makes, even though they’re pretty damned accurate.

It should be noted that the sources Dustin uses to get dividend information has changed a few times recently but he has quickly responded with updates.

531147_389388761142977_154361047_nOn my Google spreadsheets, you can find portfolio holdings, dividend amounts, dates (dividend pay dates, record dates, declaration dates, dividend amounts, ex-dividend dates, etc.). I have moved the cash and withdrawal amounts to the Google spreadsheets as well as the dividends spreadsheet. That’s on the cash tab.

I have recently added some conditional formatting that highlights the TOP 5 in various categories; Position Size Ranking, % Change Since Purchase Rank, Rank By Yield, Rank by Total Return, Rank by Income, and Rank by Gain/Loss (and that’s just on the Port. tab!). You can also see Total $ Gain/Loss but the highlights there are just a positive/negative thing (as it should be) and the last column on the far right is percent of income with no highlight at all. Take a look (click it, it gets bigger);


(screenshot current as of May 12th, 2019)

On the Div. tab, there’s a column for Rank By Annual Income which again highlights the TOP 5 in that category. But just to the left of that are some Current Yield values that I have “borrowed” from the Port. tab and on the far right I have again “borrowed” from the Port. tab some Total Return values for a new column labeled “Favorites” by Total Return that highlights automatically when Total Return in this instance is greater than Current Yield. This makes it easy to see when someone asks what are your “Favorites” for Total Return? You really shouldn’t have favorites, per se, because that indicates emotional attachment to a thing like money. That’s bad. You should be as cold and detached as possible when dealing with finances and investing as is humanly possible. Also, I try not to play “Favorites” with this stuff, because it can cause you great financial pain. Take a look now at the Div. tab;


(screenshot current as of May 12th, 2019)

I only post for my holdings, but they’re as accurate as I can make them. The symbols are; ABR, AGD, ARCC, AWP, BFK, BGH, BSD, BST, BXMX, CSQ, DIAX, DNP, ECC, FLC, FREL, FTF, GAIN, GOF, HTD, HYG, IGN, IHI, IYLD, JLS, JQC, LDP, LGI, LOR, MAIN, MHD, NEWT, NRO, NVG, NZF, OIA, OXLC, PCI, PDI, PDT, PFO, PHK, PHT, PMF, PML, PSF, RFI, RNP, TPZ, UTF, UTG, & VPV. Quite a list, eh? (51 total issues held; 5 common stocks, 5 ETFs, and 41 CEFs, of which 9 are tax-free muni CEFs.) Most pay monthly! Only ABR, ARCC, BXMX, DIAX, FREL, IGN, & NEWT pay quarterly.

This series of blog posts is issued `weekly, but since the majority of our holdings pay dividends near the end and/or beginning of the month it may not always warrant a publishing blitz. There are usually 6 posts in the series when posted. The withdrawal update is issued monthly. I think you should try to catch all 6, plus the monthly withdrawal update if you’re so inclined. Occasionally I’ll throw something else up for ridicule or admiration like my recent final posting about “Profiting from Preferreds”, so feel free to be entertained!

Of course, if something major happens I might be tempted to throw something up about that. Or not. Like the recession, depression, World War III, or whatever…

Anyway, let’s continue with a look at the dates;

The most up-to-date method to view our holdings and expected dividends is to click here (will open in a new window).

Here’s a look at the dates spreadsheet, showing the ex-dividend and pay dates of each dividend (also shown on the calendar). I sometimes use info like this to time purchases or sales after a stock goes ex-dividend, due to the anticipated drop in stock price, or to make sure I own a stock before the ex-dividend date to ensure I am entitled to the dividend. I mainly use it to keep track of the dates and amounts of the dividend. YMMV!

Click here for the dates sheet.

Look on the right side and you’ll see a chart (table) sorted by last declared ex-dividend dates.

This is that table;

chart (31)

But, as always, “Don’t be hasty” as Treebeard would say. 😉


I’m not telling anyone to buy anything or giving anyone any advice, because that’s illegal. You see, I have no letters after my name, like RIA, CFA, etc. I SIMPLY DO NOT GIVE ADVICE. I only tell (and show!) what I do. You, like me, are all alone in this.

And remember, always do your own due diligence!

panda_wildePat Rosenheim
(PandA Trader)
High Yield, High Return Dividend


About PandA Trader

I am, I think... "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made." -- Oscar Wilde
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