2020 Dividends Received

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Total dividends received since inception on April 4th, 2012
2012 #HYHRD dividends received = $14,331.13
2013 #HYHRD dividends received = $25,265.03
2014 #HYHRD dividends received = $26,936.57
2015 #HYHRD dividends received = $29,054.25
2016 #HYHRD dividends received = $21,007.34
2017 #HYHRD dividends received = $14,428.58
2018 #HYHRD dividends received = $20,366.61
2019 #HYHRD dividends received = $15,149.65*
Total 2012-2019 #HYHRD dividends received = $166,540.87*

*revised to include dividends received from our accounts with M1Finance

2020 #HYHRD dividends received YTD = $4,305.53
Total 2012-2020 #HYHRD dividends received YTD = $170,846.40

chart (22)

On 2/29/16, in a little under 4 years since inception on 4/4/2012, the #HYHRD portfolio surpassed $100,000.00 in dividends received.

On 4/3/17, almost 5 years since inception on 4/4/2012, the #HYHRD portfolio amassed $120,524.19 in dividends received, or an average of $24,104.83 per year.

On 8/1/17, in a little under 5-1/3 years since inception on 4/4/2012, the #HYHRD portfolio surpassed $125,000.00 in dividends received.

On 12/28/18, in a little under 7 years since inception on 4/4/2012, the #HYHRD portfolio surpassed $150,000.00 in dividends received.

I consider dividends to be earned on the ex-dividend date. Check the dates sheet on my Google sheets or the Calendar page here on my blog for upcoming ex-dividend & pay dates.

I consider dividends to be received on the payment date. Those are the figures I’ll be using here.

I will now include an updated chart of annual dividend income on this page.

Dividend income per year (in $USD)

The following table and charts represent actual total monthly 2012-2020 dividends received from the portfolio since inception.

chart (23)

chart (24)

chart (25)

UPDATE: March 7, 2020 – Spreadsheet updated to now include dividends received from our accounts at M1Finance

UPDATE: August 12, 2019 – Spreadsheet updated to now show #DRIP status as well as Dividends Received on the same tab, named for the year that they are received. DTC comments have been eliminated as that status can be inferred from the other data presented and is not as important. The ‘Dividend Histories’ tab has been moved to the far right of the workbook.

The DTC Discount Plan allows reinvestment at a potential discount price between 0-5%. Although the DTC Discount Plan offers the benefit of a possible discount, please note the following:

-DTC guidelines state that discounted reinvestment prices can take on average up to 15 business days to post. You will still receive the reinvestment, but it may not be posted to your account immediately.

-The issuer determines the DTC discount price. Your broker cannot provide any reinvestment information until the reinvestment appears in the account.

Additionally, because your broker does not determine the discount price, they cannot provide DTC calculations.

-The eligibility of a security may change after you enroll in dividend reinvestment.

A security may be DTC discount eligible when you enroll in the service, but it could change its status to DTC discount ineligible.

-If a position is sold while waiting for the DTC dividend reinvestment, your broker credits the account with cash, not stock.

DTC = Depository Trust Company.

The following is a visual representation of the actual 2020 dividends and interest received in the portfolio broken down by date paid and paying symbol.