M1 Finance

I’m retired, and I used to trade some options.

Now, my main focus is on high yield, high return dividend stocks, CEFs (Closed End Funds), & ETNs (Exchange Traded Notes).

Win some, lose many, try to get better. Seems like a good plan to start with.

I have political tourette syndrome, so please don’t poke the 800 pound gorilla in the room. When/if you ever meet me, it will all become clear to you.

I’m a grandfather, and I love my 3 granddaughters. Don’t you hate when people say things like that? Too bad. Deal.

I’m 58, soon to be 58 62. I act like I’m 10 and a half most of the time. The rest of the time I’m napping.

I like single malt scotch and whisk(e)y, and some bourbons. I had a bottle of 100 proof Polish vodka infused with Kung Pao peppers in my freezer, made quite an interesting shooter or six or seven. Never got to eight.

Here’s a bit of entertainment; http://youtu.be/u9S41Kplsbs

Namaste, Motherfudgesicles!


Following added July 28, 2012

NOTHING ON THIS BLOG / WEBSITE IS A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANYTHING, AT ANY TIME, ANYWHERE. THIS IS *ONLY* WHAT *I* DO! Read that last statement again, and understand it. If you buy or sell anything anywhere at any time and claim that you did it because of something you read here and it doesn’t work out well for you, you are out of luck. You’re on your own there, Sparky! I’m not a financial planner, or advisor, or anything of the sort. I’m just a guy. A guy trying to make a little money investing and trading. I’m also trying to show you what and how I do what I do. I also post results for MY OWN BENEFIT ONLY! You are free to be entertained by this blog and all the information provided by it, but YOU are ultimately responsible for your OWN actions. I have hopefully changed my last diaper, but I still love to cuddle with my grandkids. Live long and prosper. Amen.

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