Dividends Received

dividends received since inception on April 4th, 2012
2012 #HYHRD dividends received = $14,331.13
2013 #HYHRD dividends received = $25,265.03
2014 #HYHRD dividends received = $26,936.57
2015 #HYHRD dividends received = $29,054.25
2016 #HYHRD dividends received = $21,007.34
Total 2012-2016 #HYHRD dividends received = $116,594.32
2017 #HYHRD dividends received YTD = $4,320.00
Total 2012-2017 #HYHRD dividends received YTD = $120,914.32


On 2/29/16, in a little under 4 years since inception on 4/4/2012, the #HYHRD portfolio surpassed $100,000.00 in dividends received.

I consider dividends to be earned on the ex-dividend date. Check the dates sheet on my Google sheets or the Calendar page here on my blog for upcoming ex-dividend & pay dates.

I consider dividends to be received on the payment date. Those are the figures I’ll be using here.

The following table and chart represent actual total monthly 2012-2017 dividends received from the portfolio since inception.



The following is a visual representation of the actual 2017 dividends and interest received YTD in the portfolio broken down by date paid and paying symbol.








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