#HYHRD: 1st post from 2012, start here for the full story…

M1 Finance

Here’s my first post from 2012. That’s probably the best place to start because it is, after all, the beginning.

A caveat is warranted; in my earlier posts, some of the links no longer work as my stuff has been moved around.

Also, I no longer pay anyone to do anything for me. They have ‘helped’ me lose way too much money and there is one particular bastard that is still promoting himself as the best thing since sliced bread, this time to real estate agents of all things. This guy also has a ‘pimp’, a guy by the last name of ‘Tan’, but the only tan you’ll get from them is burned by their outright lies and thievery. Don’t be one of their ‘Johns’. Oh yeah, that’s the first asshole’s name, too.

At any rate, this is my story. Read and learn from my mistakes, please. Please learn. Please?

You may want to consider checking out the Stock Gumshoe, as he has consistently revealed these shysters for what they are; liars and thieves. Check out the comments on BookingAlpha. I was severely burned by him and others.

There are other ‘review’ sites, like invesTIMonials.com, but that is just another of TIM SYKES’s scams. That site offers reviews, but they are far from impartial.

You can read more about all of this here.

The story continues after my first post, and I’m now into dividend and income securities.

I hope that you will learn from my mistakes, and not get burned as I did. This has been a painful journey, and the pain continues, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope it’s not an oncoming train…

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