#HYHRD: How to look at the pictures that I post on my blog $STUDY

M1 Finance

First, I should tell you that I work exclusively on my 17″ laptop with a screen resolution of 1600 X 900. I you do not have the same setup the pictures I post may look a bit strange, or compressed, or squeezed, or just plain distorted.

What I recommend is that you go to full-screen mode. On my browser, full screen mode is attained by pressing the F11 function key.

This may help you get a clearer look at what I’m trying to present to you, after jumping through some hoops.

WordPress, the software I use to write this blog, does not display full-screen pictures, at least initially. What you must do is click the picture which will give you a separate but still small version of the picture (unless you are already in full screen mode in which case you should see a full-screen picture. If your screen size and resolution is the same as mine you should then see a full-screen representation of the picture that I see.

Hopefully this helps, because there is a *lot* of information in each picture.

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