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Stock Screening

I use a FREE stock screener on (you need to register to save your screens, but it’s worth it, IMHO).

This fidelity screen is the least forgiving and probably most ‘accurate’, and I place quite a bit of trust in it’s results, or lack thereof. I am finding the results produced by the fidelity screen follow the criteria even more closely than any other screen, which is why I use it *almost* exclusively. This also means that this screen is almost ‘perfect’, which may or may not be a good thing. I look for; Dividend Yield (Annualized) Is highest/lowest % in industry (Highest 20%), Security Type Is One Of: Common Stock, Common Stock (REIT), Price Performance (52 Wk, 13Wk, 4Wk, 5 Days) Is highest/lowest % in industry (Highest 40%), Exchange is One Of (AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE), Company Headquarters Location Is United States of America, and Equity Summary Score from StarMine Bullish or Better (7.1 – 10.0).

There’s other criteria that I use, and that further limits the number of stocks that will pass each screen. I believe that all of this criteria, when considered together, yields ‘higher quality’ results.

I also get tips from fellow traders on StockTwits and even from articles written for Seeking Alpha, and some of those tips are quite good. Some are notoriously bad, though, so I still need to due my own own DD (That’s Due Diligence, for the n00bz!). Of course, if a stock looks bad on first pass and has never passed any of my screens, my scrutiny is rather tough, and some tips are dismissed out of hand. Still, though, some tips do make it through. YMMV!

Here’s the screen shot of the screen currently in use;


Here’s a video of the old process and the new method as of May 18,2015;

And, this video shows how I use that info on my spreadsheet(s);

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