Old Screening Criteria Screenshots (retired 11/6/14)

My expectations for the #HYHRD High Yield High Return Dividend Portfolio:

I target a minimum 30% annualized return on stock price *and* a minimum 7% dividend yield for HYHRD stocks.

I can’t always hit them, but those are my targets.

The following are screenshots of my current screening criteria that I use on barchart.com, finviz.com, fidelity.com, and sharebuilder.com;

Barchart Screening Criteria


Finviz Screening Criteria


Fidelity Screening Criteria


Sharebuilder Screening Criteria – Basics


Sharebuilder Screening Criteria – Performance


Sharebuilder Screening Criteria – Ratings


Sharebuilder Screening Criteria – Fundamentals


Sharebuilder Screening Criteria – Earnings


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