Old Watch List – no longer updated

M1 Finance

This is the old watch list page. You’ll find the new watch list as part of my Expected Dividends workbook in my public files here.

I’ve changed the font used to display the “action indicators” on my watch lists. I’m using Marlett, which is a MS font. It displays fine on my system using IE, but not using Firefox, unless I use IE tab to open it in which case it also displays fine on my system. For those of you who can’t or won’t use either of those methods, this is the translation; t=up, u=down, v=unchanged or no data. HTH!

Use the buttons on the lower right to download or display the full-size workbook.

The information below may be outdated…

Everybody has a different method of finding “good” stocks to invest in, hoping they pick symbols that are going to trend upwards in price so they can grow their portfolios.

I use different methods for screening and prequalification, and I’ve already outlined how I pre-qualify dividend stocks to watch, and part of the method I use to determine which stocks to buy.

I also use other methods, such as subscribing to a service to provide some of the pre-qualification, against which I then apply my methods for eventual action, if any.

UPDATE: August 31st, 2012

From my earlier post about changes to the High Yield Dividend Portfolio, and after just a little further review, I’d also like to add that once a stock is screened to the watch list(s), it remains on said lists until the position is closed. That should hopefully make it easier for me to track. Once all positions on the monthly and quarterly spreadsheets have been closed, the links symbols will be removed.

The screening procedure described in a previous post makes some sense, I hope.

I add all ‘passing’ stocks to a watch list.

Then I check the charts.


I mark the spreadsheets appropriately, and save them to the website so they’re it’s always updated as soon as I update them it on my computer.

If a stock is showing “buy signals” in all 4 periods on the watch list(s) here on this site, they are then placed on the initial “buy list”.

The final screening of this “buy list” relies on the “buy signals” on the 1 year weekly and 3 month daily charts in order to finalize the “buy list”.

The results of the final “buy list”, also known at times as the ‘sharebuilder update’ are posted at least once a week, and often many times per week.


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